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Online Marketing for Lawyers

Headquartered in Old Town Fairfax, NOVA Legal Marketing has been providing top-tier web strategy services to our regional legal community for over 10 years. We believe that small law firms deserve the same high quality marketing services that full-fledged marketing departments provide to large firms and corporations; as a result, our staff leverages efficient processes and creativity to provide expert-driven solutions within small business budgets.

Get more cases.

The NOVA Difference is all about giving you the most bang for your buck, high-return on investment (ROI) marketing solutions. We don’t lock you into lengthy contracts (our value is good enough to keep you subscribed), we limit the number of attorneys we work with (so we’re not competing against ourselves), and we are online marketing experts.

WEBSITES that educate and bring you leads.
When someone lands on your website you deserve to capture them as a lead, a future client. There are advanced marketing tactics that must be implemented on your website to ensure that prospects admire you for your expertise in the legal field and your ability to help them win their case. We do this by establishing credibility for your brand, educating the prospect on your legal specialty, and literally asking them to leave their information for a callback or to pick up the phone to call you. Some folks aren’t ready to become clients right away, that’s fine. They will become a client at some point as long as you convince them that you are the right attorney for their unique case.

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION that gets you to the top of Google.
When people are searching for an attorney online it means that they are ready to hire an attorney, right now. If you’re at the top of Google when they run their online search, your likelihood of winning their business increases dramatically. Don’t let your competitors take this “low hanging fruit” so easily – compete with them by absorbing your own piece of the market share in your region, in your specialty.

Simple, we have to start somewhere, so let’s get in touch. Our services aren’t a great fit for every attorney in the nation, if we can’t work together now, that’s fine – perhaps we’ll work together in the future. Give us a call or e-mail us at

Ethical Legal Marketing

We start all of our projects by setting realistic goals. What makes these goals realistic is a pragmatic analysis of the capabilities of our tools and resources against your practice’s unique marketing needs. There is a lot of room for unethical marketing on the internet, in fact, the web is a sort of wild west yet – which means that there isn’t much in terms of regulation and monitoring of business practices. One thing is for sure though, the American Bar Association has specific regulations that apply to all of its lawyers, offline and online. 

NOVA Legal Marketing is here to give you success and peace of mind! Let’s schedule a phone call now, call us at (703) 855-9641, or use one of our contact forms on this website, or read more about Ethical Online Marketing for Lawyers.